Panatone Finvest, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Sons, acquires


的获奖, TJ1400 Ultra-Converged Broadband family of 5G ready products is one of the industry’s most feature-rich packet access and aggregation platforms. 它提供了无与伦比的Access集成, 传输和IP网络技术集成在一个集成的盒子里.




As telecom service providers increasingly transition their circuit-switched transmission networks to a packet switched infrastructure to cater to an exponential growth in high-speed data services, the problem of efficiently supporting residual TDM services continues to be a challenge.


宽带接入GPON/XGS-PON OLTs和ONTs  宽带接入

With increasing penetration of internet and exploding data consumption, there is an urgent need for fast and cost-effective rollout of broadband networks across the world.

企业连接的MPLS-TP, OTN /密集波分复用  优质企业连接性

Enterprise Connectivity 服务 are growing at an exponential pace. Large enterprises require a high level of service quality and connectivity.

5 g移动回程  5G移动回程,Fronthaul

可伸缩的, reliable and high-performance optical network for cost-efficient transport of data, voice and video traffic from mobile base stations to the nearest traffic switching center.

光网络产品批发带宽,DCI  批发带宽,DCI

Wholesale Bandwidth Service providers sell bulk bandwidth to other communication service providers who in turn resell connectivity services to enterprises or retail customers.

用于公用事业、国防、石油的光网络产品 & 气体  下一代关键基础设施网络

Utility companies require communication systems that can ensure reliable, 安全可靠的数据传输, 语音和视频可以随时跨越局域网和广域网.

关键任务应用的光网络产品  政府和国防网络

Empowering Mission-Critical 应用程序 with Reliable, 可伸缩的 and Robust Network Infrastructure.


万博app下载 build smart communication network for one of India’s largest metro rail service


Smart city infrastructure for India’s first industrial township in Electronic City

万博app下载 deploys advanced Alien Wavelength solutions for scaling high-capacity optical network

万博app下载 deploys a cost-effective pay as you grow Micro-OTN solution